Leader vs. Manager

Differentiating between Leading & Managing

Through working with companies from small businesses to global brands, we believe that management and leadership go hand in hand, to achieve the best results.

  • Manager = Someone who organises, plans and coordinates activities and teams. Managers tell people what to do and (hopefully) they do it.

  • Leader = Someone who motivates and inspires others to follow them. Their role involves persuasion and an ability to enthuse and encourage people.

The terms 'manager' and 'leader' are not interchangeable - but the best managers are also able to lead their team to greater successes through understanding what motivates them and how to get the very best out of them.

Leaders need to be able to inspire loyalty and align people behind a common vision. Sir Winston Churchill was an example of a strong leader - but he was not a manager. Leadership enables organisations to handle times of change and transition. Management enables businesses that are on top in an unchanging world to continue to achieve what they have always achieved.

Most managers are now expected to be able to inspire and motivate the members of their team and help them to develop their personal and professional skills and experience.

Stepping up to a management role for the first time is not an easy transition. Employees who are able to manage tasks, resources and their own time can face a steep learning curve when it comes to managing and leading people. 

Read our case studies to see how we have helped organisations to develop their managers to become effective and inspirational leaders. We can offer a range of interactive and engaging courses, which will help both new and more experienced managers to grow into true leadership roles. 

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