What Is DISC?

DISC is the world’s #1 Behavioural Assessment and is utilised by 75% of Fortune 500 companies. It is a scientific tool which quantifies our behaviours and communication preferences into data across four quadrants.

Although available in different variations, the 4 core DISC behaviours that are measured are:

  • Dominance – How we respond to Problems & Challenges
  • Influence – How we respond to People & Contact
  • Steadiness – How we respond to Pace & Consistency
  • Compliance – How we respond to Procedures & Constraints

Below are pages from an example report: 

Sample page 4


Sample page 5

 DISC profiles can help:

  • Smooth the road towards improved teamwork and reduction of possible conflict.
  • Improve sales skills by helping employees to recognise and respond to customer behaviours and personalities.
  • Increase self-knowledge, helping people to understand their motivations, the causes of stress and how they respond to conflict and solve problems.
  • Managers and team leaders can also use the findings to understand how to get the best out of their team members through knowing more about their dispositions and their motivations.

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