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Improving communication across different teams within a rapidly growing company


New Day is a Financial Services company specialising in providing credit products to consumers in the United Kingdom.

Established in 2000 as SAV Credit, they changed their name to New Day in April 2014 following the purchase of Santander UK’s store card business, including branded cards issued for retailers including Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, House of Fraser and Debenhams.

Employees at New Day work in a fast paced, competitive environment where meeting targets and deadlines are crucial to the success of the rapidly growing company. As a result of the target driven and competitive culture developing, a disconnect was forming between Management and their teams as managers and leaders were focusing more and more on achieving tasks than developing their teams. Accountability and quality of work was not to the desired standard and New Day wanted a solution to 'bridge the gap' between senior leadership and their teams.



The initial learner population for this programme was 520 learners that were categorised into 2 groups: Band A and B (Leaders) and Band C (Managers) which allowed us to tailor the content with language and examples that were specific to each group.

We designed a bespoke Management and Leadership Development programme focused on managing mindsets, increasing accountability and utilising TTI DISC assessments to make managers and leaders aware of different behavioural styles and improve their communication skills.

 The sessions were delivered in 3.5 hour sessions to minimise the number of managers who were not available and reduce impact to business performance.


Those who attended the programme would leave with a greater understanding of their own behavioural style and the direct impact it can have on their teams. With the knowledge of the different behavioural styles and how to identify them, leaders and managers could now work towards re-aligning their relationships with their teams through adapting their own styles and communication preferences. 

Following the success of the sessions that were delivered, New Day expanded the programme from a select few to various departments and seeing the value in the DISC assessments provided, would later request Emotional Intelligence assessments for their Senior Leaders as well. 


After attending sessions, learners were asked to complete a satisfaction survey asking them to score different criteria from knowledge,
understanding and skill with the tools learned, to would they recommend the course to others. Below are the results:


At the end of 2017, we have trained 603 Senior Leaders at New Day with the number continuing to grow.


Our average feedback score from those who attended our sessions delivered in 2017.


96% of learners have gained a better understanding of how using DISC outputs can help form conversations with colleagues and teams.


Of the back of the programme, we are now delivering bespoke sessions for Team Leaders and their teams.

Positive Comments

"Learn more about my team members profiles so I can know how to communicate with them better."

"I have already started to discuss with my colleagues the results of the "Know Yourself" test to identify different communication styles within my team."

"Look to expand our to wider business areas that I have interactions with so as to get the best results with my working relationships."

"Understanding how I can adjust my behaviours and traits to achieve better dialogue and outcomes with my colleagues."

"Gaining an appreciation of the variety of communication/influencing styles that could be more effective and an insight into how my behaviour may be perceived by others."

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