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Building upon existing coaching foundations within a fast-paced work environment

The Situation

In early 2017, Ralph Lauren launched The Ralph Lauren Experience Programme for Retail, aimed at moving their retail team’s mindsets from task activities e.g. stock replenishment, store aesthetics, store operations etc. to more focus towards providing a great Customer Experience based around the 3 C's: Connect, Convert and Conclude.

By mid-2017, Ralph Lauren wanted to build upon this existing foundation with further development of their Senior Leadership. The target audience was a population size of 130 learners composed of General Managers, Assistant General Managers and Customer Experience Managers based in both the United Kingdom and European centres.

Ralph Lauren's desired outcome was for all managers to finish the programme with a better understanding of different behavioural styles and communication preferences, enhanced knowledge of different coaching methods and improved communication skills to effectively coach their team members whilst conducting high quality observations in store. 

The Solution

We designed a bespoke Retail Coaching Programme focused on managing mindsets and using TTI DISC assessments to reveal each manager's natural and adapted behavioural styles and their preferred communication preferences. From this, we provided the tools to identify the different behavioural styles within their own store teams and the direct impact of not adapting their own behavioural style/communication methods to match their team members.

The sessions were designed as 30% theory and 70% practical activities and included a combination of experiential learning activities that utilised on-the-spot coaching methods and how to provide objective feedback during a task. We also included video clips of real customer experiences to get the learner's to identify what actions were being or not being used that impacted the customer experience; just as they would when conducting high quality observations in their stores. 

All of the content used was linked back to and focused on the 3 key elements of the Ralph Lauren Experience: Connect, Convert and Conclude. 

The Outcome

Based on the survey result scores, we can conclude that all managers that attended the programme left with a better understanding of what is involved when coaching team members, the ability to identify different behaviours and the direct impact adapting or not adapting their own behaviours can have during coaching. 

Moving into 2018, Ralph Lauren have reported an increase in sales and accountability following the delivery of the programme as managers are now better equipped to provide the coaching needed for individual team members. A follow up programme focused on further on-the-spot coaching methods is currently in the works, expected to be delivered in late 2018. 


After attending sessions, learners were asked to complete a satisfaction survey asking them to score different criteria from knowledge,
understanding and skill with new coaching tools to would they recommend the course to others. Below are the stand out results: 


Average feedback score from 130 responses


Of learners gained a better understanding about how mindsets about team members can steer coaching conversations.


Of feedback, learners felt they had significantly more understanding of DISC and its application when coaching.


Gained a better understanding about the difference between coaching and feedback.

Learner Comments

"Every topic was useful as these topics are something interesting and give us an insight into the psychology of a human. How to handle different situations within the staff thinking about where they are on the Accountability Ladder and coaching them to be at the top."

"It was really useful in helping me understand how and why others respond in certain ways. Realising about my own style through DISC and being able to adapt my style to different circumstances."

"The coach was fantastic, great style, approach and very personable. Learned a lot from his technique. There was time to share personal examples and explore better ways of dealing with a situation."

“The most productive thing for me has been coaching techniques. Understand that with listening and asking questions to the team we can get our team to grow and can contribute more in future occasions."

“Learn more about one self and why some staff members, management or CM is reacting like they do about training or feedback."

“Taking in consideration the style of who I am communicating with and adapt it to be more efficiently & launch with all the managers the RLE in a culture way and not has a daily task- change the mindset.”

“I'm going to consider where my team are on DISC wheel in order to tailor my communication/coaching skills."

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